About Lyon Public Library

The public libraries of the City of Lyon are a public service with the mission of contributing to the leisure, information, education and culture of all.

Activity report


The year in summary

  • The figures for 2016
  • The events during the year

The resources

  • The organisation
  • The human resources
  • The premises, equipment and vehicles
  • The budget
  • The IT resources

The documentation offer and the service offer

  • Current acquisitions
  • Review of collections
  • Online periodicals and resources
  • Treatment and management of collections
  • Heritage collections and acquisitions
  • The digital library
  • The production of contents
  • Access to libraries and access to information

Public and mediation

  • Footfall
  • The reception and support for the public
  • Mediation and hyper-proximity
  • The users
  • On-site and remote consultation
  • Loans

Cultural schedule

  • The cultural schedule