How to use the catalogue

1- Go to the home page of the catalogue :
2- Click on "Search"
3- If you want to search only the documents of the Chinese section, you have to limit your research. Select the case "Scope" and click on "Chinese Collection". Search will be restricted to the records of the Chinese department ONLY, and it can be made using either (1) pinyin transcription or (2) Chinese characters.

-Search using pinyin transcription
If you search the works by Mao Zedong using the author's name you have to enter Mao ze dong (and not Mao Zedong) in the Authors Index. In the same way, if you search in the Title Index the term: Zhongguo xiandai shi, you have to enter Zhong guo xian dai shi, etc. This means that if you search by author, title, collection, publishing house, you have to put a space between each syllable of your pinyin transcription. It is actually not possible to return a word, a person or place name.

Nevertheless, if you search by Subject Index, the pinyin transcription of a person or place name has to be entered aggregating the syllables composing them, like for example: Mao Zedong, Guo Moruo, Mo Yan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

-Search using Chinese characters
You can search using Chinese characters in the Author, Title, Collection, Publishing House Indexes. Remember to enter a space between each character :

   and not ;    and not