About Lyon Public Library

The public libraries of the City of Lyon are a public service with the mission of contributing to the leisure, information, education and culture of all.

Organisation chart

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General Manager

Gilles Eboli
His missions:

  • Digital innovation, the web
  • Major projects
  • Sustainable development
  • Prospective evaluation and internal communication
  • Territorial cooperation

Manager of Part-Dieu departments

Noëlle Drognat-Landré

  • Arts and leisure
  • Civilisation
  • Youth
  • Languages and literature
  • Music
  • Science and technology
  • Society
  • Guichet du Savoir [Knowledge desk]

Manager of territories (urban network)

Agnès Audoin

  • library in 1st arrondissement
  • library in 2nd arrondissement
  • library in 3rd arrondissement
  • library Lacassagne in 3rd arrondissement
  • library in 4th arrondissement
  • library St Jean in 5th arrondissement
  • library Pt du jour in 5th arrondissement
  • library in 6th arrondissement
  • library Jean Macé in 7th arrondissement
  • library Guillotière in 7th arrondissement
  • library Gerland in 7th arrondissement
  • media library Bachut
  • library Duchère in 9th arrondissement
  • library St Rambert in 9th arrondissement
  • media library Vaise
  • mobile cluster

Manager of collections and contents

Pierre Guinard

  • Digital library and catalogues
  • Document policy
  • Regional documentation
  • Old collection
  • Conservation “silo”

Manager of service and public development

Béatrice Pallud Burbaud

  • Development of publics

Manager of cultural action and communication

Étienne Mackiewicz

  • Cultural action
  • External communication

Manager of general resources (secretarial department)

Jean-Marie Gueze

  • Acquisitions
  • Buildings
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Human resources