Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu

- Jeudi 18 mai 2023
la bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu sera fermée le jour de l’Ascension.

Loans of items from the art library

The Art Library provides opportunities to explore contemporary art by lending items to individuals, associations, schools, businesses and organisations. This collection comprises prints, photographs and videos by and of artists; and these items can be borrowed. All the works are originals and represent the main artistic trends which have developed from 1945 to today.

Already old items (Bram Van Velde, Hans Hartung, Henri Michaux, Pierre Soulages …) are there alongside work by young artists (Romain Bernini, Laurent Sfar, Lamarche & Ovize, Fiona Tan, Elke Krystufek…) International creation joins French art to represent and make available the aesthetic debates which characterised the period: Louise Bourgeois, Nils Udo, Panamarenko, John Baldessari, Robert Morris, Gerd Bonfert, Gabriele di Matteo…

Photography, considered in its broadest sense, is also available at the art library, from all periods and of all aesthetics: René-Jacques, René Basset, Tom Drahos, Balthasar Burkhard, Yannig Hédel, Arno-Rafaël Minkkinen, Philippe-Liev Pourcelot, Rip Hopkins, Géraldine Lay, Arièle Bonzon … Videos of and by artists can also be borrowed, often signed by young artists or produced by way of exception by painters: Philippe Favier, Christine Crozat, Rebecca Bournigault, Dania Reymond, Hubert Renard, Luc Mattenberger…

The policy for growing the collection in the contemporary area, with regard to prints, books and videos of and by artists, photographs and archives, pursues the aim to maintain, in the BmL’s prestigious collection, the quality standard and level of representativeness which has earned the reputation of its old collection.

The Lyon art library is a member of Lyon’s contemporary art network, ADELE, and of the ADRA association for art library development and research.


Fabienne Dalli, Artotheque and Arts department manager
04 78 71 13 44 -
Aurélie Carrier, Artotheque
04 78 71 13 43 -

Loans of items

  • for private individuals
    Discover contemporary art! Take the work of an established artist or an up-and-coming talent home with you. Prints, photographs and videos can be borrowed for two months.
  • for professionals
    Schools, businesses, associations etc. can borrow items for up to three months.

Contemporary art appreciation offers

  • events: exhibitions, guided tours, events for schoolchildren or outside school times, lectures…
  • meetings: the 1st Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • contemporary art training
  • themed presentations of items from the collection selected by consultation with the library user