Copying documents

Please ask a member of staff if you have any copying requests.

Copying items from the silo

This can be carried out:
- either by the library’s photography studio taking the photographs, which the user pays for once a purchase order has been drawn up;
- or by the user themselves, in accordance with the regulations which cover taking photographs of documents from the ancient archives

Copying items which are accessible in the room

Photocopies may be obtained as long as they are not available in another library department, and as long as they are in sufficiently good condition.

Charges for reproductions from the photography studio

The minimum invoice is €9.
Orders should be sent to A purchase order will be drawn up for each order. The work will only be carried out once payment has been made.

Reproduction in the form of a digital file

Low resolution

  • format smaller than A4: €0.40 each
  • format larger than A4: €0.60 each

High resolution

  • €12 each
  • specific formats: specified in purchase order

Paper copies

  • A4, copied by the user: €0.15 per sheet
  • A4, copied by the staff: €0.50 per sheet
  • A3, copied by the user: €0.30 per sheet
  • A3, copied by the staff: €1 per sheet

These charges only apply if no complications arise when copying documents.

Special requests

A purchase order will be drawn up for the reproduction of documents which are unusual in nature (large format, unusual proportions, medals, groups of objects...). This purchase order will take into account the materials used and the extra hours worked.

Paying for the work

The purchase order, marked agreed and signed, must be presented with the payment, which can be made via:
• in France: bankers’ cheque, postal cheque, or cash
• abroad: international mandate or cheque made out in Euros from a bank domiciled in France
• by administrative mandate: a purchase order must be provided before the order can be completed, which must indicate the Siret number (number used to identify the establishment) and NAF code

Cheques must be made out to: Monsieur le Receveur des Finances de Lyon-Municipale.

Delivering completed work

There is no charge for sending digital files; we therefore recommend choosing this delivery option. If you choose to have items sent by post (CDs, DVDs, paper printouts) you will be invoiced for shipping costs.