16 libraries and one library bus

The City of Lyon’s network of 16 public libraries is a public service which contributes to the leisure, information, education and culture of all.

Part-Dieu Library

The Part-Dieu library, the central pole of the network of libraries in Lyon, is France’s largest municipal library (27,290 m²). Offering services for all, it welcomes over one million visitors through its doors every year. It has more than 1.8 million documents in the public rooms and in its stores (the storage silo).

young people

Books, documentaries, novels, cartoon books, poetry, albums, fairy tales, videos, edutainment and para-educational CD-ROMs, discs, magazines etc., and a heritage collection of illustrated albums from the second half of the 20th century.
Educational works on psychology, pedagogy, child care, reading, literature, youth etc.
ground floor

art and leisure

The Art and Leisure department offers the following subject matter : art history, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, world arts, architecture, decoration, decorative arts, design, applied art, photography, cinema, dance, travel, games and sport ...
Books, video cassettes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, contemporary prints and photographs…

art library

The art library is found in the Art and Leisure department. It presents a panorama of the main artistic trends since the 1950’s. The collection comprises prints, photographs and videos of artists. All the works are originals and represent the main artistic trends which have developed from 1945 to the present day.

languages and literature

The Languages and Literature department offers the following subject matter : poetry and theatre, works of fiction (novels, short stories, essays), general works of literature, language and languages, cartoon books, dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Books, cartoon books, audio and video cassettes, audio CDs, CD-ROMs, periodicals … and contemporary literature archives.


The Music department offers all genres of music : classical music, electronic music, world music, French song, funk, rap and techno, jazz, blues and soul, film music... Compact discs, books, musical scores, music journals, DVDs, CD-ROMs … Listening posts are provided to help you choose before borrowing discs. Around 85,000 vinyl discs are held and can be listened to in the library by appointment. More information


This department has 120 seats and 8 IT stations available with internet access, office technology tools and also online resources such as Cairn, Universalis, Maitron etc.You can find the following subject matter here : archaeology, personal development, esotericism, ethnology, folklore, genealogy, heraldry, history, para-psychology, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, religion…on a range of media : books, journals, DVDs, CDs, texts read aloud, cartoons, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.The department also has on offer a selection of the latest research works on religions and religion which the BmL buys to continue the Jesuit Fontaines Collection.

point G, Gender resource centre

The Gender Resource Centre is part of the Civilisation department, the principal collections of which - history, philosophy, social anthropology and psychology - offer particularly extensive scope for tackling issues of gender and sexual normativity. The Gender Resource Centre of Lyon Public Library aims to amass an assortment of documents focussing on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. More informations


The Society department offers the following subject matter : law, politics, orientation, training, employment, accounting, management, marketing, administration, education, sociology and social sciences, economy and geography. Books, documentary films on VHS and DVD (DV), CD-ROMs… For consultation in the library : newspapers and journals (French and foreign press), Official Gazette (legislative texts, naturalisations etc.), company and other directories. NB : with regard to issues relating to society in the Rhône-Alpes region, our collections complement those of the Lyon and Rhône-Alpes department (4th floor), which specialises in the present and past of Lyon and the region.

science et technology

The Science and Technology department offers the following subject matter : agriculture, astronomy, building, biology, DIY, botany, chemistry, cooking, sewing, ecology, electronics, genetics, geology, IT, internet, gardening, mathematics, medicine, transport, physics, industrial science, health, information science, psychiatry, pharmacy … Books, documentary videos, journals, CD-ROMs…

digital space

Learn how to surf the net, create a blog, retouch photos or quite simply, learn how to use a computer … Lyon libraries’ digital spaces are open to all and offer numerous workshops, both one-to-one and for groups.

regional documentation

The Regional Documentation department is a space allocated to the memory and the present day of Lyon, the Rhône-Alpes region and its 8 départements : Ain, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Loire, Rhône, Savoie and Haute-Savoie. Books, press and journals, films, maps and plans. More informations

old collection

Storage silo

The Silo of the Part-Dieu library is a 17-storey storage building. The interior is climate-controlled so as to keep the items in it in the best possible condition : the temperature and relative humidity are kept constant throughout the year. Each floor can hold four to five linear kilometres of shelving. A goods lift (“pater noster”) is used to transport items to the distribution desks. Today, the Silo contains over 1.4 million documents, rare and precious works, newspapers and journals, books, 33 rpm discs, posters and prints … The collections of the Jesuit library in Chantilly, which arrived in Lyon in the first quarter of 1999, almost completely fill the top three floors. It is possible to visit some floors of the Silo in tours organised by the Library (Heritage Days, literary festival).

Library of the 1st arrondissement

On the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, it is located inside the "Condition des Soies" building with other social and cultural organisations.

Library of the 2nd arrondissement

Located on Place Carnot, near Perrache Railway Station ; enjoy a welcoming architecture ideal for a family visit.

Library of the 3rd arrondissement

Close to Place Guichard ; bring your family and enjoy the child-friendly and youngster-friendly space, not to mention the space for adults.

Library of the 4th arrondissement, Croix-Rousse

In the centre of the Croix-Rousse district ; relax in a calm and light-filled space.

Library of the 5th arrondissement, Saint-Jean

In the heart of Old Lyon, it is located in the Palais Saint-Jean, the former archbishopric.

Library of the 5th arrondissement, Point du Jour

In the centre of the Point du Jour district, you will appreciate the light-filled spaces with views over the landscaped gardens.

Library of the 6th arrondissement

Located in the day school of La Trinité, the former Jesuit college, it stands alongside cultural and leisure organisations and the Town Hall of the 6th arrondissement.

Library of the 7th arrondissement, Jean Macé

Close the Place Jean Macé, it offers collections solely for adults and young people.

Library of the 7th arrondissement, Guillotière

Near Place Gabriel Péri, it offers collections intended only for children from 0 to 12 years of age.

Library of the 7th arrondissement, Gerland

Close to the ENS, the Tony Garnier Hall, the Gerland park and stadium ; a lively place open to all in the centre of the district.

Bachut Media Library

In the heart of Bachut, enjoy the 5 levels of spaces for relaxation and work, with a press corner, a record library and a space allocated to the subject of health : the Cap’culture santé documentation centre.

Library of the 9th arrondissement, La Duchère

Located on Place de l’Abbé Pierre, next to the Lycée La Martinière ; a convivial and family-friendly location ideal for reading and discovery.

Library of the 9th arrondissement, Saint-Rambert

Located on Place Schönberg ; make the most of the two floors : on the ground floor, the adult space, and on the 1st floor, the children’s space.

Vaise Media Library

Right in the heart of the Vaise district, Place Valmy, a building on 4 levels in part given over to the performing arts : theatre, shows etc. ..., a welcoming place and a space for artistic creation : the documentation centre for the performing arts.

Mobile library : the “Bibliobus”

Comes to the 3rd, 5th and 8th arrondissements every two weeks.

The music space at the Part-Dieu library, Music department

On the first floor of the Part-Dieu library, the Music department comprises :

- an individual space for listening and for consulting journals on the walkway overhanging the “kiosk" ; it has 16 posts with headphones for listening to the compact discs you have selected and for reading the 48 music journals on offer (including the most prestigious ones in English for each musical genre). Comfortably settled on the sofas, you can browse, read or listen, conscientiously try out the discs before listening properly or losing yourself in the music … You don’t have to be a member or to pay to consult or listen.

- a space for researching and exploring collections ; you will always find some 20,000 CDs, more than 1,000 music DVDs, close to 2,000 musical scores and in excess of 1,000 books about music. (See plan). You can choose the items you wish to borrow, and reserve those that are out on loan to others.
You can also search on the internet and in the Library’s catalogue, consult all the resources of the Cité de la Musique, request vinyls to listen to and also the 78 rpm records held (and not available to borrow) in the Library’s stores.

The staff are there to help you with your musical research, your activities in the Library and your reservations.

All musical genres are represented.
But the musical treasures of the Part-Dieu Library are not confined to this room.
- 10,000 compact discs are out on loan to readers at any one time. You can reserve them or ask the Music Department personnel to do so for you.
- 20,000 compact discs are in the “modern silo” : they were selected in the same way as those in the room but had to be withdrawn to make way for new ones. You can ask to consult them and even borrow them.
- 12,000 78 rpm records and over 30,000 vinyl discs are kept in the silos. They are the France 3 Collection and also vinyls from the Library’s old collection. You can consult them on a dedicated turntable. (Reservation recommended ; half-hour wait to fetch the items).
- A local acoustic collection is currently being put together ; the Public Library is searching for discs by musicians in Grand Lyon and the surrounding area to keep track of all these creations and to make them available to you. If you are a musician, singer or producer, send us your recordings. They will be kept and, in the near future, diffused in line with your wishes.
- The printed music collection (rare or old musical scores) are available for consultation in the Old Collection department (fifth floor) or, in the case of the Orgeret Collection, in the Regional Documentation department (fourth floor).


The documentation centre for the performing arts

The Vaise Media Library has a department specialising in the theatre and performing arts, a place of welcome and creation for performers.

A collection of reference works on the various performing arts : theatre, dance, circus, puppetry, street theatre, mime, music hall, opera etc.

Contemporary dramatic texts

Almost 6,000 contemporary theatre texts available to borrow. In addition, the documentation centre is an antenna of the ANETH association (French acronym for : To new theatrical writing http://www.aneth.net). This cooperation is reflected by the provision of manuscript texts and texts published by the association and by campaigns intended to encourage the diffusion of the French theatrical repertoire. The ANETH collection today comprises over 800 titles.
The CD-ROM Mascarille, loaded on an IT terminal available to the public, is a database listing over 30,000 plays, allowing for a detailed and combined search by number of characters and by precise topic : this is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to produce a play according to set criteria.

Plays for children

700 works intended for the theatre for a younger audience :
- plays for children
- plays for young people
- anthologies
- educational works on the theatre intended for teachers

Videos on dance

600 videos on dance :
- recordings of performances
- documentaries
- fiction
- educational films


Press reviews about the performing arts, bibliographies on the various domains and a selection of internet sites are available.

An information point for jobs in the performing arts

It includes guides about careers in acting and dancing, about the different legal statuses and aspects, stage advertisements and information sheets on careers and training.

A place for creation

Around thirty events are held each year : shows, readings, lectures, public rehearsals, mini-residencies, programmes for the young audience, works at the creation stage, and support for emerging talents.

The room of the performing arts department

- a 300 m2 room
- over 20 workspaces
- 5 IT terminals, including 4 with internet access
- video space : 4 video-reference terminals
- 7,600 documents (books, video-cassettes, DVDs and CDs)


Regional documentation

To find out all about Lyon, the metropolis itself and the Rhône-Alpes region, all aspects of it, its history and its present, its heritage and its nature ...

This is what you will find in the regional room

  • around 12,000 documents, immediately accessible (books, newspapers and journals, DVDs, maps), can be borrowed or consulted in the library. To facilitate searches, books and DVDs are organised in 10 geographical sections : Lyon, Rhône-Alpes and the region’s 8 départements.
  • books and DVDs which can be borrowed, about Lyon, the Rhône and the discovery of Rhône-Alpes and also novels and cartoon books where the action takes place in Lyon or the region.
  • a Press space covering the local and regional press (Le Progrès, Le Dauphiné Libéré, …) plus general and business magazines and specialist titles.
  • a 550 m2 room with 75 seats, and 2 booths to take one or two people. There are electrical sockets for laptops in the workspaces.
  • 4 IT workstations for all resources. Librarians are on hand to advise and guide you in your research.

Consult regional documents in the silo

More than 100,000 regional documents stored in the silo are also accessible on request and can be consulted in the regional room.

What ?

They are regional works published after 1920, regional journals published after 1800 (e.g. : archives of Le Progrès), the legal depository, regional iconographic collections not online…

Who ?

Anyone with a valid proof of identity can make a request at the reception desk.

How long ?

The documents are provided within 25 minutes.

Where ?

They can be consulted on the tables designated for this purpose.


The Cap’culture santé documentation centre

General information about Cap’culture santé

At the heart of the Bachut Media Library, Cap’culture santé illustrates the extent to which issues about health and the body preoccupy our society. This new service of the BmL is located in an area of Lyon in which health is an important topic, with its universities, colleges, hospitals and medical centres, together with its pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories.

Cap’culture santé documentation centre

Its objectives are to meet the expectations of those who wish to stay healthy, to be a place for listening and discussion, to help people understand the "techno-science" encountered daily, and - wherever possible - to do so in an entertaining way. (NB : Cap’culture santé does not provide diagnoses or medical advice). Cap’culture santé welcomes anyone, of any age : adolescents, young parents, working men and women, patients and patients’ families, students in the paramedical field etc.


With over 3,000 documents (books, DVDs), 43 subscriptions to journals on health, well-being, psychology, lean cuisine, body care, sport, sleep, disability etc.


The major debates about health in exhibitions, lectures and screenings.


Professionals and stakeholders in the field of health information, on a duty roster.

On the web

Cap’culture santé is also a website which brings together a multitude of information : discover the topics developed over each three-month period, and the programme of health events in libraries, zoom in on topical issues and on selections of documents about health, and access the Guichet du Savoir, online conferences and also games etc.