Résidence d'artiste

Zoé Benoit
à la bibliothèque
de la Part Dieu

Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon

Interactive sound design art work "BIBLIOBEEP"

BIBLIOBEEP project is a collection of "beeps" of libraries around the world. With the advent of digital books, these sounds will gradually disappear and turn off…

Call for Participation: BIBLIOBEEP

The interactive work Bibliobeep needs your participation !

How can I participate?

Just record a sound (in MP3 format), using your cell phone.

It is one minute room of your library. To properly record the sound, please stay at 1 meter distance from the "beeps" machines that record books, and where the voice of the library staff can be overheard.

Then upload your MP3 file on the site NUMELYO digital library of Lyon.

You can then listen to your sound and discover all bibliobeeps wordwide !

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