Subscription and charges

Anyone is free to enter the library and consult resources on site free of charge. In order to borrow documents, you must register.

How do I register?

1. Choose your subscription, valid for one year starting from and ending on a specific date

Library subscription offers

Connexion Culture junior Biblyo Biblyo 4 mois Culture
18 and over 17 and under 11 and over 18 and over 18 and over
Valid for 1 year Valid for 1 year Valid for 1 year Valid for 4 months Valid for 1 year

Services included

  • Access to a computer 1H/day across all libraries: internet and office software
  • Remote access to digital training resources (help with homework, foreign languages, highway code)

CONNEXION card services +

  • Remote access to online news services
  • 20 documents on loan for 3 weeks all types of resources including:
    > Music CDs
    > DVDs

Youth sections only for the under 11 years old

CONNEXION card services +

  • Remote access to online news services
  • Listen to Music online
  • 20 documents on loan for 3 weeks, of any type, including:

    > Music CDs
    > DVDs
    > Photographs, prints from the art library (max.2) (apart from for 11-17-year-olds)

Adult and youth sections

Same services and access as the BIBLYO card

for 4 months

BIBLYO card services +

Rates and subscriptions

Free entry or reduced rates upon presentation of a current document proving your circumstances.

Up to 18 years CULTURE JUNIOR, BIBLYO : Free
18-25 years Connexion :
BIBLYO 4 months :
Over 25 Connexion :
4 mois : 9€
Persons with a disability CONNEXION, BIBLYO, CULTURE : Free
Job-seekers - RSA - ADA
Non-taxable persons
Group purchases for Works Councils and other organisations
(minimum 10 simultaneous purchases)
BIBLYO : 16€ CULTURE : 34€
City of Lyon officials BIBLYO : 10€
members of CULTURE card partner halls
Educators Working with young people: Free – see conditions below
30 documents on loan for 6 weeks: youth sections only (max. 5 CDs), not including CD-ROMs or DVDs
Working with adults: Free – see conditions below
20 documents on loan for 6 weeks: adult and youth sections apart from CD-ROMs and DVDs


Documents to be filled in by an adult and presented when taking out the subscription with the following supporting documents:

2. Register at one of Lyon’s 16 municipal libraries, or online, with your supporting documents

For all subscriptions

I.D.: for adults, only originals are accepted as proof of identity; photocopies can be used for minors only

For reduced rates or free subscription

I.D. cards are valid for free subscriptions and age-based reductions.

  • under 18s: the minor’s I.D. (photocopies accepted) + subscription request and parental permission
  • for those aged 18-25: I.D. + subscription request
  • City of Lyon officials: permanent or temporary City of Lyon card
  • job-seekers: job-seeker card (Pôle emploi - French office in charge of unemployment benefits) from fewer than 3 months ago, or proof from the Pôle emploi of periods over the last three months in which unemployment benefits were received
  • those receiving RSA: proof of payment of RSA in the last 3 months (CAF)
  • those receiving ADA (benefits for asylum seekers): proof provided by the OFII (French office for immigration) from fewer than 3 months ago
  • non-taxable persons: most recent tax assessment (showing the amount to be paid, before tax rebates)
  • persons with disabilities: any card provided by an MDPH (regional office for disabled persons), a disabled persons transport card (carte mobilité inclusion), or a card provided by the French National Office for Ex-Servicemen and Women (Office National des Anciens Combattants)
  • members of CULTURE card partner establishments: show the card, or a pass or ticket marked "tarif abonnés" (members’ rate), (originals only).
  • for educators working with children: provide documentary proof of your profession from the last three months, or a valid professional I.D.
  • for educators working with adults: after having worked with a department of the Part-Dieu Library or another library in the network on a project addressing a particular topic, and on presentation of a letter of agreement from the management or the organisation you belong to.

How to register online

All subscriptions (Culture or Biblyo) are now available online !

- New subscriptions can be registered through the Lyon library catalog : you just have to click on « register on line »

- Subscription renewals are available from my account : a link « renew yout suscription » is available one month before the end of your current subscription

3. What can you do with your membership card?

Take advantage of Library services

Take advantage of cultural activities

The CULTURE card gives you:
Unlimited access, for one year, to temporary and permanent exhibitions at the City of Lyon’s six museums: the Musée des Beaux Arts, Contemporary Art Museum, Musées Gadagne, Print and visual communication museum, CHRD-centre for the History of the Resistance and Deportation, Henri Malartre automobile Museum
concessionary rates for four museums: Confluences, Gallo-romain, Lumière, and Jean Couty, as well as the Comoedia cinemas, Institut Lumière, and Lumière cinemas
benefit from special rates on selected performances at eleven of Lyon’s great halls: Auditorium-ONL, Célestins, Maison de la Danse, Opera, Marché Gare, Ninkasi, Périscope, TNG, TNP, Croix-Rousse theatre, and Subsistances

To find out about all the benefits and performances go to:

Also, all members can choose to receive email updates on the City of Lyon’s cultural news and on deals from the BmL’s cultural partners.

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