Charges for lost or damaged items

Scale of flat-rate charges for the replacement of an item which has been stolen or seriously damaged, including its cover etc.

Category 0: € 4

  • weekly magazine for general public

Category 1: € 7

  • paperback books or similar
  • monthly or bimonthly magazine

Category 2: € 12

  • children’s book
  • maps and plans
  • cartoon book for children

Category 3: € 16

  • cartoon book for adults
  • travel guide
  • trade magazine
  • mook

Category 4: € 20

  • novel, graphic novel
  • essay, documentary (book)
  • 1 CD (audio compact disc) ou book with CD
  • musical score

Category 5: € 35

  • document with 2 CDs
  • document with 1 ou 2 DVDs
  • document with CD-ROM

Category 6: € 50

  • document with 3 to 5 CDs
  • art book (35-70€) et La Pléiade

Category 7: value purchase

  • Mazenod-type art book (or more than €70)
  • exhibition catalog
  • document with more than 5 CDs or more than 2 DVDs

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Price of replacement on the date of damage

A scale of charges for other books and items which have been damaged or not returned has been adopted. Replacement by an identical new item is not permitted and will not be accepted in place of the charges shown above.

If the lost item should be found and returned by the user after he has paid the replacement charge, Lyon Municipal Library will refund the charge on condition that the item is returned to it within two months of the 29th day following the authorised lending period.

Administrative charges received for late returns will be kept by the library and will not be refunded back under any circumstances.

Excerpt from the deliberation passed by the municipal council on 19/12/2011 in the City of Lyon.