Reading in a foreign language

For a relaxing read, try our novels and magazines in their original language, or if you want to learn more, use our dictionaries, language-learning resources, and grammar and vocabulary materials – basically, have fun!!

Foreign language collections are available for children, adolescents, students, readers from abroad – to be consulted on site or borrowed.

On our libraries’ shelves

In district libraries

Choose from 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Italian), with more than 1,400 novels by contemporary authors available for adolescents and adults, and more than 1,200 novels and albums for younger people, as well as graphic novels in their original language, comics, new Arabic titles (Bachut multimedia library), and most importantly many more adventure, society, romance, and detective novels...

The Part-Dieu library Language and Literature department

There is a space at this library dedicated to foreign languages and literature (BABEL), containing novels and novellas in the original language and in bilingual format, organised by language – German, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian – with works from more than 68 countries.

There are also dictionaries, grammar books, language-learning resources, and material to help prepare for exams such as TOEFL and TOEIC (English), not forgetting French as a foreign language.