Printing and photocopying

You can print and photocopy documents at the library.


Library computers can be used to print documents found on the internet or stored on a USB stick, in black and white.


Photocopiers are available for you to use. Payment can be made with coins (you will need to get change beforehand) or with a photocopy card.
This card has no expiry date, and is a simple and quick way to photocopy documents without having to worry about having enough change. They can be bought and topped up at the Part-Dieu library or the Vaise Multimedia Library.


Black and white printing/photocopies: €0.20 per A4 page; €0.40 per A3 page
Colour printing/photocopies: €0.80 per A4 page; €1.60 per A3 page

Photocopying only:
Blank photocopying card: €1
If you put more than €7.50 on a card, the price per copy is €0.15 per A4 page