Consulting material from the ’Silo moderne’ (facility for storing a back catalogue of modern material from all the libraries in Lyon)

Have you found an item in the catalogue which is available in the Part-Dieu silo moderne and that you would like to consult or borrow?

The silo is undergoing building work from 2017 to 2022: one-off renovations are due to be carried out, comprising various elements (asbestos removal, improving conditions for conservation and working conditions). The work due to be carried out will involve adjustments to opening times.

silo moderne distribution desk will re-open from the 15th of July, on the 2nd floor of the Part-Dieu library

If the item you require is available in the silo moderne

The result of your catalogue search will indicate that the only copy is found in the silo moderne as per the example below:

1. On site at the Part-Dieu library

Fill in a form and hand it in to the silo distribution desk (2nd floor) at the Part-Dieu library.

Order forms for items held in the silo can be handed in up to 6:30pm from Tuesday to Friday, and up to 5:30pm on Saturdays.

Collecting your item

Items are distributed within 25 minutes.

2. Filing a remote request for an item to be put to one side

By phone

On 04 78 62 16 20 within the Part-Dieu library opening hours..

Via email You will receive confirmation of your request via email.

For each request, please provide: :

  • your surname, first name, and telephone number
  • the item’s call number (found in the catalogue)
  • the title and/or the author of the work

Collecting your item

Between 1H and 24H after filing the request (the latest point at which you can collect an item).

Items are available only at the silo distribution desk (2nd floor) at the Part-Dieu library within opening hours. Be aware: until 07/07/18 the silo reception desk will open at 1pm.}