Extending a loan

Still haven’t finished reading the novel or DVD you borrowed? Renew your documents on the Internet or by phone.

You can renew your items up until the last day of the loan, before 11pm:

  • once
  • for 3 weeks

Apart from film works from the art library and items which have already been reserved by another user.

On the Internet

Sign in to your member’s file in the catalog, click on "loans and renewals" (Emprunts et renouvellements) in the menu on the right.

By phone

Contact one of the 16 libraries in the network, or ring the switchboard on 04 78 62 18 00.

Couldn’t renew a loan? Why?

Items cannot be renewed:
- if you have overdue items or charges on your account
- if your subscription has expired
- if the item has already been reserved by another user