La collection jésuite des Fontaines

La Collection jésuite des Fontaines est en dépôt à la Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon. Elle provient du centre culturel jésuite à Chantilly.

Biblia de Robert Estienne Paris, 1532 (SJ E 130/101) The Collection jésuite des Fontaines is on deposit at the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon. It comes from the Jesuit cultural centre in Chantilly.
It can be consulted in the reading room for ancient and specialised collections.

  • 500,000 documents, including 800 ancient and modern manuscripts, 200 incunabula, several thousand periodicals and over 100,000 engravings and religious images.
  • Theological and religious issues, as well as the humanities and European civilisation from the 16th to the 20th century, are widely documented.
  • A Chinese collection covers the great classical texts, Chinese translations of religious works and the scientific work carried out by the Jesuits in Shanghai.