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Amateur or professional photographer?

Call for contributions! Do you have photographs of Lyon, Grand Lyon or the Rhône-Alpes region? Are you an amateur or professional photographer? If so, why not take part in the collective creation of memories of the territory!

Do you have photographs in digital form, on silver-surfaced plate, on paper, glass plate or as transparencies? We offer to make a digital copy of your originals before returning them to you. The copy will go into the database of Photography in Rhône-Alpes. In this way, your photographs will be passed on to future generations as a contemporary record of the history of our territory.

The database of Photography in Rhône-Alpes already contains part of our regional photography collections. They are the very fragmentary traces from history and the present of a region of which it could be said that it has existed since the Treaty of Turin of 24 March 1860, which made Savoie part of France. We are counting on you to add to them.

At present, we are particularly looking for ….

  • photographs of Grand Lyon, as the entire Lyon region is today – more than ever before – witnessing major urban development schemes which are gradually wiping out the traces of the past
  • photographs about the First and Second World Wars in Rhône-Alpes
  • photographs of the major cities and towns in Rhône-Alpes: Bourg-en-Bresse, Privas, Valence, Grenoble, Saint-Etienne, Chambery and Annecy.

Depositing photographs with the BmL will entail the transfer of non-exclusive rights, whereby any commercial use by BmL is forbidden. The owner will be free to use the rights associated with his photographs as he wishes.

Les photographies déposées à la BmL font l’objet d’une cession de droits non exclusifs, dans laquelle tout usage commercial par la BmL est interdit. L’auteur reste libre d’exploiter, comme il le souhaite, les droits liés à ses photographies.

Voir la base Photographes en Rhône-Alpes