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Danielle Li Collection

Danielle Li, <br />(1927-2018)Born in Beijing, Danielle Li (1927-2018) was the daughter of musician Li Shuhua (1901-1991). Her father arrived in France in 1918 and enrolled in the "Institut franco-chinois de Lyon" (IFCL) from 1923 to 1926. When in France, he married Jeanne Chanal, a French woman, before returning to China with his pregnant wife.

Danielle Li passed the first thirty years of her life in China, in particular in Hangzhou, where her father taught at the Fine Arts School, and mixed with other Chinese artists trained in France.
After graduating, she became an English teacher, and worked in particular in the Medical Faculty of Hangzhou. The increasingly ominous political climate prompted the Li family to leave China. Danielle Li moved to Lyon in 1956.

In France, she continued her teaching career: initially as a reader and then as an assistant in Chinese language, she subsequently became a lecturer at Lyon III University in 1980.

It was, among others, Danielle Li who organized in 1977 the transfer of the library of the "Institut franco-chinois" to the public library of Lyon.

In 1980, she was appointed general secretary of the association "Institut franco-chinois 中法学院". Founded the same year (although under a different name untill 1981), at the initiative of Professor Pierre Mallet-Guy (1897-1995), this association granted scholarships to Chinese students so that they could come and specialize in Lyon (Professor Mallet-Guy had taught, a few decades earlier, students of the IFCL).

In 1992, Danielle Li was elected Vice-President of the Chine services Association, instituted in response to a request by the Lyon Chamber of Trade, concerned to enable SMEs to work with China.

In 2011, Danielle Li donated her library and her personal archives to the BmL. These documents include works about the Chinese language and civilisation, and also the archives of the Li family and Danielle Li’s correspondence from the 1950’s onwards. These documents have not yet been processed.

The correspondence will not be open to the public untill 2041.

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